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Chi siamo

Who we are

Moviement HD è un'azienda che pensa e produce audiovisivi per tutti i mezzi di diffusione. Cura del dettaglio e sviluppo del prodotto, dalla stesura del soggetto fino alla consegna, ci contraddistinguono.
Moviement HD is an effective company with specialized insight in the film and graphic industry. We believe in tailored communication across media and use our commercial understanding and relevant networks to achieve the best result for our customers. We work best in a personal, honest dialogue and let service, knowledge and enthusiasm build the foundation for good client cooperations. Moviement HD believes that good ideas, talent and networks are keystones to operate within the storytelling industry. We think that talent and team work is the way to meet best results. Our goal is not to be the biggest, but to provide the best product from concept to delivery.

Cosa facciamo

What we do

Realizziamo spot, filmati industriali ed istituzionali, regie live, format, backstage. Ci piace inoltre raccontare il mondo usando la forma narrativa del documentario.
We grew up both in documentary and advertising world. We developed an accent for telling strong emotions and visual impact through living stories and images. Ranging from commercials, documentaries, formats, corporate films, backstages, post production, animation, 3D/2D and motion graphics, we always try to find fresh and creative narrations.



Moviement HD è dotata di tutte le attrezzature per offrire un servizio completo: camere e telecamere professionali HD, 4 editing suites, 1 sala speakeraggio, 1 sala di posa, mezzi specializzati (carrello, crane, elicotteri radiocomandati).
Moviement HD has inhouse facilities to accomodate full-service production. We have 4 editing suites, an exposure room, a speech studio and full camera equipments. This makes us very flexible and dynamic toward any assignment we take on. In case of special needs, we always find the best providers in our affiliate network.
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